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Human Resources

FSM Foundation's human resources mission; It is the unit that considers human beings at the center of the organization by emlpoying trained or to be trained personnel with the desired qualifications, education and carrer at the time and place needed to achieve the goals and objectives of the organization, that strives to ensure both material and moral satisfaction of human resources, that provides training-development and career opportunities in this direction, that defines its personnel and volunteers as exemplary models in social, legal, cultural and moral terms by employing experts and competent people in humanitarian aid, and that will mobilize its activities in this direction.

FSM Foundation human resources vision; To train human resources who will continue their values education and humanitarian aid activites in the world, who are exemplary in terms of knowledge, talent, skills and morals in their work, and whose knowledge and experience will be applied to FSM Foundation's purpose and mission.


Our Working Principles

  • Being a pioneer
  • Being a bridge between societies
  • Becoming a refree
  • Being the voice of the oppressed
  • Using the trust in the most appropriate way
  • Being transparent
  • Promoting the service, not the brand or name