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Catalca Madrasa

As Fatih Sultan Mehmet Education and Charity Foundation; We want to strengthen our ties with our glorious ancestors of our country and to revive the education culture that our ancestors practiced in the past and to raise competent young people, competent scholars who are strong in both spiritual sciences and worldly sciences, reliable, who love their homeland, flag and country, we want to make an "EDUCATION VALLEY PROJECT" in Istanbul / Catalca by coming together with volunteer educators.


Our Fatih Sultan Mehmet Education and Charity Foundation started its first Education project in Mehmet Şakir Efendi Complex, which was built by the philanthropist businessman Bilal Şahin in Yozgat/Sorgun/Gedikhasanlı before this big "VALLEY OF EDUCATION" project in Istanbul and achieved a very important success in the 2019 academic year with fifty-five students with the old-style values education method. Our goal, as the descendants of our ancestors who ruled the world with justice for centuries, is to realize projects like this "VALLEY OF EDUCATION" all over our country.


First of all, our goal; We want to realize the "ÇATALCA EDUCATION VALLEY" project, which we intend to build on the 53 acres of field status land donated to our foundation by Mehmet Aydın, one of our founding members, for the "Education Valley Project" in Istanbul Çatalca, where a total of 5000 students, 2500 boys and 2500 girls, will study science and science, with your moral support as soon as possible.


As Fatih Sultan Mehmet Education and Charity Foundation, we believe that the teaching and learning of knowledge is the top priority. Therefore; As a Vision and Mission, we are a voluntary unity movement that desires to be in the dynamics in the development of our country. We aim to raise the level of knowledge and consciousness of our society in education with the education method applied by our glorious ancestors in the past, in order to contribute to the raising of individuals with faith, knowledge and morals. As you know, foundations and associations, which were an important cornerstone in the structuring of our ancestors in the past, kept the society in which they were located at a prosperous level both materially and spiritually for centuries, and left many charitable institutions and organizations to the societies that came after them.


In this way, with the "EDUCATION VALLEY PROJECT", we will be instrumental in building a faithful, knowledgeable, moral and strong society all over our country, to spread the love and brotherhood, unity and solidarity that our faith teaches us, to keep up with the age, both in worldly sciences and otherworldly sciences, in the way of the Qur'an and Sunnah, in the line of Ahlisunnet, we will make maximum effort and you will be able to do the same, We hope that you will support us on this path and we think that our work in the context of helping our State, our Nation, our society and humanity will provide great benefits in the context of helping our State, our Nation, our society and humanity to contribute a little bit to the goal of bringing this beautiful Country, our Homeland to the line of civilization that our ancestors reached in the past, in unity and solidarity.


Under the leadership of "Fatih Sultan Mehmet Education and Charity Foundation", we would be happy to see you among us and to walk together on this honorable path together with the precious philanthropists and volunteer educators who are in love with this path, who have given their hearts to this path, whose hearts are burning to serve people, who do not see the difficult as difficult and who have a determined personality.



Nursery, Kindgarten, Private Primary and Secondary School, Private High School Educational Institutions

Within the scope of Çatalca Education Valley project, we will build private schools affiliated to National Education. Preschool Nursery, Kindergarten, Private Primary and Secondary School, Private Imam Hatip High School, Private equipped Technology High School, Private Sports High School Institutions are also included in the project.


Hafiz Education Center

Our students will be able to complete our Holy Book Qur'an-i Kerim within the scope of hafizah education and receive a hafiz certificate at the end of the semester. In addition, hafizah education will also be given to those of our students who want to continue their education in educational institutions in Çatalca education valley. This education will be for both male and female students.


Language Training Centers (Arabic, Ottoman Turkish, English and other)

Our young people studying in Quran courses and schools within the scope of the Çatalca "Education Valley" project will receive education at a level to speak at least three languages Arabic, Ottoman Turkish and English as their mother tongue. Apart from these languages, they will have the opportunity to learn other languages. In addition, these language centers will not only cater to students studying within the scope of the education valley project, but also to students coming from outside, and we will try to enable them to become well-equipped individuals who can speak many languages like our Grandfather Fatih Sultan Mehmet Han.


Multipurpose Cultural Center

There will be a conference hall for 2500 people and two large conference halls for 1000 people. In the conference hall, there will be wedding halls with a capacity of 2000 people, which can be used for multi-purposes, and the lower floor will be a parking lot. We will also organize joint personal development courses with our state and public education centers in the cultural center. For this, separate classrooms will be built within the cultural center. There will be language courses, calligraphy, handicrafts, diction courses, design courses, hand skills, science technologies, etc. for personal trainings.


Fatih Sultan Mehmet mosque

A large mosque with a capacity of 10,000 people will be built so that our students studying in our complex can perform their time prayers collectively to get used to the mosque culture. In addition, in the courses created within the mosque, religious and vocational trainings will be given to the people of the region together with our diocese and will contribute to the education of our people.


Fountain and WC

It is planned to build a large fountain or fountains so that thousands of science students who will receive education in our complex can perform ablution in a more comfortable and spacious environment. In addition, wc's will be built for men and women in accordance with modern conditions.


Health Center

There will be both the Education Valley Project and a health center project for the needs of the surrounding community.


Soup Kitchen - Bakery

In the first stage, it is aimed to meet the daily food needs of the Complex. At the same time, it is thought to meet the daily need for hot bread in the bakery to be established within the soup kitchen. The approximate capacity is foreseen as 10000 meals and 10000 bread.


Multi-Purpose Sports Complex

Olympic Swimming Pool, Football, Basketball, Wrestling, Tennis, Table tennis, Archery, Archery, Karate, Conditioning and Fitness center, Weightlifting, etc. A sports complex project where there will be sports centers. Our people will be able to benefit from this multi-purpose sports complex.


Social Areas

In the Education Valley Project area, there will be places such as reading halls, picnic areas, picnic areas, walking areas, hobby areas, etc. within our social areas that will allow our students who receive continuous and temporary education to do social activities.


Dormitories (Boys and Girls)

Dormitories will be built separately for male and female boarding students. The lowest floors of the dormitories will be dining halls. There will be 2 dormitories for at least 1000 people each.


Guest House and Teacher Lodgings

Within the scope of the Education Valley project, special lodgings will be built for people who are educators in madrasahs and educational institutions. Those who want to stay will be able to stay here. There will also be accommodation for guests coming from outside.


Emergency Response Center

There will be a closed area for fast and on-site response to disasters that may occur at home and abroad. Everything that will be needed in emergencies will be kept ready in this area.


Library (Digital and Regular)

In addition to our students, the people of the region will benefit from our library, which will include reliable and reliable works in every field of Islamic Sciences. Our library will also serve as a digital library.


Parking Lot

The area underneath the Education Valley can also be used as a parking lot, cold storage and shelter areas in difficult times.



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