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We bring meat to the tables of our brothers and sisters in oppressed geographies, a smile to their faces and hope to their hearts by showing them that they are not forgotten. We take not only your sacrifice, but also your gratitude to Allah, your good intentions and your spending as a trust and deliver them to our brothers and sisters thousands of kilometers away in geographies whose names you do not know.

We deliver your sacrifice slaughter video, which is specially prepared for your name and in which your proxy is read, to you as soon as possible with the feast, and we experience a double feast together with the happiness of our brothers and sisters.

This year, we slaughter your sacrifices with your proxies on the first day of Eid in Africa and Turkey after the Eid prayer, distribute them as meat to our oppressed brothers and sisters in need, who were previously identified by our teams on duty in the region, and notify you that your sacrifice has been slaughtered both via SMS and by calling our call center; "your sacrifice has been slaughtered in the country ......, may Allah accept it, you can perform your gratitude prayer" we give the good news.

With the intention that there will be both heart satisfaction and beauty in sharing happiness, we deliver the video of your qurban being slaughtered by reading your proxy to your phones together with the feast.

What is the purpose of sacrifice?

As FSM Foundation, we act with the awareness that what we do is an act of worship and that the main purpose is to achieve the consent of Allah. The issues that it pays special attention to in its work carried out with this awareness are as follows:

  • To be an intermediary for philanthropists to fulfill their Qurban worship.
  • To realize a meeting of the ummah by celebrating Eid together with millions of our brothers and sisters in dozens of countries and regions.
  • To realize a meeting of the ummah by celebrating Eid together with millions of our brothers and sisters in dozens of countries and regions.
  • To be able to create an antidote to the work of missionaries through the sacrifice work. To be able to observe the developments in the regions, what is happening in sister geographies on the spot and to follow the developments.
  • Observing the needs in the regions on the spot and creating the necessary projects to solve the problems and presenting them to the knowledge of philanthropic Muslims.
  • Offering sacrificial meat to people in need.

Can ı slaughter my sacrifice of aqiqaor thanksgiving by proxy on Eid al-A

As FSM Foundation, we sacrifice your votive, aqiqa and thanksgiving sacrifices 365 days a year. You can deliver your votive, aqiqa or thanksgiving sacrifices with the same price to our brothers and sisters who will experience the joy of Eid with the sacrifices to be slaughtered in this Eid al-Adha, and you can have your sacrifice slaughtered in accordance with your intention by expressing the intention with which the sacrifice is slaughtered in the explanation section of your donation. Your sacrifice video will be sent to you as soon as possible.

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