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About Us

Fatih Sultan Mehmet Education and Charity Foundation was established in Istanbul in 2018.

Our foundation is a voluntary organization established by volunteer educators and philanthropists in order to strengthen the ties of our country with our glorious ancestors and to benefit our country and people in the consciousness of unity, solidarity and brotherhood.

The goal of our foundation is to raise people like Fatihs, Akşemseddin, Ali Kuşçu, Molla Gurani and Muslihiddin Efendi by taking Fatih Sultan Mehmet Khan, who is praised in the hadith, as an example and reviving the madrasah method he applied in education.

Our aim is to revive the culture of külliye and madrasah established by our ancestors in the past, to spread this culture both at home and abroad, to raise competent young people, heartfelt educators and great scholars who are solid, reliable , knowledgeable, conscious, just, who love their religion, their ancestors, their homeland, their flag and their country, who are free form terrorism, and to conduct and disseminate all kinds of scientific research from the right sources, To support, encourage and provide all kinds of support national, spiritual, moral, ethical and customary development, to establish educational institutions in this direction, to provide material and moral support to those who receive education, to make them benefical individuals to our society and to establish and operate Madrasahs, Qur'an Courses, Language Course centers, kindergartens, secondary education, higher education and university institutions for this purpose, The basic line of our foundation in the scientific sense is the line of Ahl al- Sunnah wal Jama'at in the light of the Qur'an an

Our line andd our path is to follow in the footsteps of Imam Abu Hanife, Imam Shafi'i- Imam Mâlik, Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal, Imam Mâturîdî, Imam Ash'âri, Shaykh Naqshbandî, Imam Ahmed er Rifâî, Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror, Mullah Gurânî, Akşemseddin, Ali Kuşçu, who are praised by hadith.

It is to educate students and serve humanity with the education methods and methods applied by our distinguished ancestors who served Muslims and people with justice in the world of centuries. On this occasion, our newly established foundation started to work to raise educated indiviuals and  first of all, we put our old-style Ottoman madrasah into operation in Mehmet Şakir Efendi Complex in Yozgat / Sorgun.

Another project of our is to build the "Mehmet Aydın Madrasah" , the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Khan comlpex, which will include an old-fashioned Ottoman madrasah with a capacity of 5,000 stundents on 53 acres of landd donated to our foundation by businessman Mehmet Aydın, a member of our board of trustees, in Istanbul. Apart from these, our foundation will continue its services with all kinds of charitable projects that will benefit humanity.

With tthe help of our people and philanthropists, our foundation can open new mardrasa ares and and provide education to many students.

At this point, we hope that all kinds of material and moral support you will provide for the sake of Allah will benefit our nation and humanity.

May our Rab make our Homeland, our Nation and all believers live in the consciousness of unity and solidarity and beb among the servants who are prepared in the best way for the eternal hereafter. Âmin.


On behalf of the Board of Trutees
COŞKUN ŞAHİN / Foundation President

- - -


Our Vision To convey the truth to everyone by adopting the straightforward perspective of the Ahl- Sunnah as a motto. To believe in the existence of those in need as well as those in need an to be a mediator for this. To adopt and adopt the belief that every deed done will bring benefit if it is done with the purest intention, far from hypocrisy, without going beyond the consent of Allâh



To be a hand reaching out to our Muslim brothers and sisters wherever they are in the world. To raise generations who have not forgotten the purpose of creation by teaching worldly sciences as well as religious science with the method registered by our ancestors. To ensure that our religion's acts of worship such as zakat and charity are carried out in accordance with the rules.