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Zakat - Fitra

We deliver your zakat to orphans, hafiz students, and oppressed people in need in Turkey and 20 countries.

Zakat is giving the right of the needy from our wealth and relieving their distress. Zakat is to fulfill the gratitude for the blessings of Allah. Zakat is sharing and cooperation.

Zakat is sharing the amount of nisab (1/40) of the property that has passed 1 year after the basic needs are met with the believers in need.

We deliver your zakat to orphans and nearly 10 thousand hafiz students whose expenses we undertake throughout Turkey and to the needy families in our country who are in distress with the epidemic process and to our oppressed brothers and sisters who are watching our way in 4 continents and 20 countries.

As FSM Foundation, we are instrumental in ensuring that your zakat and donations reach hafiz students, orphans and their families, elderly people in need of care, war victims and oppressed brothers and sisters in need in our country and around the world. Let us touch the hearts of millions of our brothers and sisters with your support in this journey of goodness that we set out with the motto "A Bridge from the Past to the Future", and let us be a hope for those who look our way and a cure for those who have problems.

To whom is zakat given?

The Qur'an specifies who can receive zakat and fitrah (Surah Al-Tawbah, 60th verse) These are the poor, the needy, those who will be freed from captivity, those who are in debt, those who are engaged in jihad in the way of Allah (mukaddesatı korumak için mücadele verenler, ilim tahsil edenler), yolda kalmış olanlar, zekât toplamakla görevlendirilen memurlar ve müellefe-i kulûb adı verilen, kalpleri İslam’a ısındırılmak istenen kimselerdir.

When is zakat given?

There is no set time for giving zakat. The person who wants to perform this worship for the sake of Allah can give zakat at any time. Since Ramadan is the month of cooperation and sharing, the Islamic world generally prefers to give zakat in this month.

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