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Food aid

What is a Help Store? FSM Foundation delivers aid to those in real need in many areas. One of these aids is food support. We deliver food parcels to people or families in need once or periodically, according to the decisions of the Aid Evaluation Commission, after the necessary social investigation. Food aids, including dry food and breakfast, are delivered by volunteers or delivery officers. Apart from this, food aids such as rations and sacrificial meat are also provided within the scope of Ramadan, Sacrifice and Eid-al-Fitr. Many people in Turkey live on the poverty line and it is known by everyone that they need urgent food support. With the awareness of this most important problem of humanity, we deliver food parcels to families in need with the You Donate in a Food Campaign. With the food donations we will send to our poor brothers and sisters who are not in good financial condition and are experiencing food and beverage problems due to this reason, we can enable them to fast this Ramadan without worrying about food. In this month of Ramadan, we are ready to do our best to put a smile on the faces of our poor brothers and sisters. With your donations, we deliver aid to those in need. In this world where there are thousands of people struggling with hunger, the help of every person who has the opportunity is a light of hope for these people. Every donation made helps people in need to fill their bellies. We are constantly working to deliver aid to all over the world with our volunteers and colleagues. As the number of our volunteer friends increases, we can reach most parts of the world before it is too late. In this way, we can deliver your aid to people struggling with hunger earlier. There are millions of poor people waiting for help and it is our duty to deliver aid to these people. That's why we extend a helping hand to those in need day and night. We aim to reach all poor people with your support. We reach millions of people who are waiting for help and make them smile. If you want to put a smile on the faces of these brothers and sisters, you can donate a box or donate to our campaign and send your help.

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