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Most of the orphans who have lost their families and are left unattended and unprotected are found in the Islamic geography. Human trafficking, child soldiering, child labor, organ mafia, substance abuse, criminal organizations, prostitution and begging networks are some of the threats these vulnerable children may face. Malicious organizations reach millions of orphaned children even in Muslim countries and use them for their own interests.

As FSM Foundation, we strive to protect hundreds of thousands of orphans in dozens of countries. We work relentlessly to support orphans until they grow up and stand on their own feet; to meet all their needs from shelter to health, education to food. We want them to live in their own land, in their own culture, with their relatives, without needing anyone. For orphans who have lost their parents and are unable to live with their relatives, we build orphanages where they can feel like family.

We take care of more than 130 thousand orphans in 50 countries around the world and in 78 cities in Turkey, and support them in areas such as education, health, food and shelter. Every year, we provide periodic aid to more than 1 million orphans in 120 countries.

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