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FSM Foundation Hacı M. Şerif Kartal Male Dormitory

Private Fatih Sultan Mehmet Education and Solidarity Foundation Hacı Mehmet Şerif Kartal Secondary School Boys' Dormitory (FSM Foundation Mersin Boys' Dormitory) is a well-established educational institution that aims to educate students in subjects such as science, akaid, fiqh, moral education, etiquette in the line of Qur'an Sunnah

Our foundation has adopted the mission of bringing the right knowledge to the society with the right sources and operates in this student dormitory with the slogan "A bridge form the past to the future...".

With a capacity of 152 people and 9 floors;
- Gym
- Masjid
- Dining deen
- Dormitory
- Conference Room
- Our FSM Foundation Mersin male student dormitory, which serves students with education and study classes, aims to provide students with a disciplined learning environment and aims to teach basic knowledge with social sciences courses and religious education. In this way, it supports students' moral and spiritual development as well as their academic success

Our foundation believes that the cornerstone of raising the right people is to accompany students with the right people. For this reason, our volunteer young people together with our successful and expert education staff aim to provide the most accurate education to the students in FSM Foundation Mersin male student dormitory. It is among the primary goals of our foundation that students grow up as just, honest, helpful, respectful, respectful and equipped with moral values by protecting their spiritual values as well as their knowledge.

Another important aim of FSM Foundation Mersin Boys' Dormitory is to contribute to the upbringing of a generation that knows its past and looks to the future with hope. It is aimed to raise this generation in a way that can adapt to the needs of the age by preserving its ties with its traditions. In the education and training processes, efforts are made to raise students as individuals who are beneficial to society by adopting national and spiritual

Our foundation opens its doors to all students (14-17 years old, secondary education level) who wish to study in our dormitory in Mersin. We aim to raise the bright faces of the future with the safe, disciplined and knowledge-filled environment we provide to students.

For detailed information and communication, you can fill out our contact form, reach us on our social media accounts and contact us via our phone numbers.

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